Grade 1

True Stories and Folk Tales from America and from Around the World

In first grade, children listen to and read folk tales and true stories from America and from around the world. They learn about major historical events, figures, and symbols related to the United States of America and its national holidays and why they are important to Americans. As students study concepts in geography, civics, economics, and history, they also learn about each other’s families and about the achievements of various people living in different times and places.

Content and Skills
Learning Standards
Performance Assessments

National and Massachusetts Holidays (Chronologically throughout the school year)

HSS 1.5

The President of the United States has decided to cancel (pick a commemorated holiday). You will need to persuade the President that this holiday has historical importance and why you feel it should continue to be celebrated in today’s society.
Please choose one of the following ways to accomplish this goal. Be sure to include appropriate evidence in your product as to why this holiday should be continued. Your justification should include a clear, concise opening, one relevant reason to continue the holiday, and a convincing, closing statement.

History and Geography (4 Weeks and ongoing)


Task #1
You work at a museum as an audio guide and the museum is hosting a map exhibition and you need to prepare the audio tour of a world map. Your task is to narrate a world map at a traveling map exhibition. Your narration should include cardinal direction words and specified place names (north, south, North Pole, South Pole, Asia, Pacific Ocean, Boston, Washington DC, the Amazon...). Your narration meets all of the criteria outlined in the rubric for Accuracy and articulation.
Task #2
You are engineer who will create and design a map of a playroom, playground, or park. Use cardinal direction
(north, south, east, west) and specific land features (rivers, oceans, lakes and mountains ). Make sure to add a map key. Be prepared to present to your classmates. Your map meets all of the criteria outlined in the rubric for Accuracy and articulation.

Economics (4 Weeks)


You are a store owner that offers both goods and services.You need to bring in business.Create an advertisement that highlights and describes the goods and services that you offer. Label each good and service. After you have created your advertisement, you set up a meeting with perspective customers at an Open House where you will present your advertisement. The customers will decide which goods and services they will purchase.
United States Leaders, Symbols, Events and Holidays (6 Weeks)
HSS 1.3
Task #1: You are going to send a present to your pen pal that lives in _ (another country) who has never been to the United States. You are going to send him/her pictures of symbols that tell him/her about our country. You need to include in your package your letter which should have an explanation of what each item/symbol represents and a fact about it. You will need to send pictures of the American flag, a bald eagle, Statue of Liberty, and the White House.

Task #2: Students will write a letter of advice to the current President of the United States, in which they state their opinion ("If I Were President...") about an important issue and provide a reason for its importance.

Individuals, Families, and Communities Now and Long Ago (4 Weeks)

You are going to nominate a Famous American for a "Good Citizenship" award. Determine who your Famous American is and using two or more character traits (politeness, courage, honesty, and reliability) we have learned tell why your Famous American should receive this award. You could write a letter or an article to express and support your opinion.